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Lenkov Sergiy Vasyl’ovych


Lenkov Sergiy Vasyl’ovych was born in Novosel’ske village (Astana region, Kazakhstan) on November 20, 1955.
D.Sci. (engineering), professor, honoured science and engineering worker of Ukraine. He graduated with honours from the Odesa Polytechnic Institute (OPI) by specialty ”construction and production of electronics” in 1977.  Having graduated from the institute, he was an engineer and a junior research fellow in the applied-research Lab. of Nondestructive Testing, OPI. In 1979–1982 he served in the Soviet Army as an officer.  In 1982–1988:  leading engineer and chief of the research sector at the Black Sea branch of the All-Union Research Institute “Etalon”, Odesa city. In 1988–1989:  head of the construction department, the “Neptune” production association, Odesa. In 1989–1999:  senior research fellow and chief of the research sector at the Joint Scientific Centre of the Odesa State University and the Ministry of Engineering Industry of Ukraine. In 1989 he created and headed the Institute of Critical Technological Problems and Reliability of Radio Electronics, the Southern Scientific Centre of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Odesa.  In 1999 he was appointed director of the State Enterprise Research Technological Institute “Temp”, the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine, Odesa.  In 2000 he created and headed the Institute of Postgraduate Education at the National Aviation University, Kiyiv.  In 2001 he was appointed head of the Central Authority of the National Commission on Defence Industry Complex Issues of Ukraine,  Kiyiv.  In 2004  S.V. Lenkov  started his scientific work at the Kiyiv National University named after T. Shevchenko where worked as a professor at a chair. Since 2005 he has been chief of the research centre, the Military Institute.
In 1997, for the first time in Ukraine, he obtained his  D.Sci. (engineering) not having the previous degree of Ph.D. The title of professor – since 1998, the title of «Honoured Science and Engineering Worker of Ukraine» – since 2008. S.V. Lenkov has been an academician of the Academy of Communications of Ukraine since 1999.   
He is the author of more than 342 scientific articles, 18 monographs, 17 manuals, 5 patents and 156 reports at scientific conferences.


e-mail: lenkov_s@net



     Semiconductor lasers with electronic inflation (2 volumes). Radiation generation mеchanisms and properties / A.S. Garkavenko, S.V. Lenkov, V.А. Моkrytskiy, A.S. Pashkov. – Оdesa: Polygraph, 2006. – 826 p. (in Ukrainian).
     Моdels of processes of the complex renewable objects and electronics systems resource discharge and replenishment / К.F. Boryak, V.A. Brown, S.V. Lenkov, A.V. Selyoukov.– Кiyiv: Knowledge of Ukraine, 2008. – 267 p. (in Ukrainian).
     Information protection mеthods and means.
Vol. 1. Unauthorized data accessing. Vol. 2. Information security / S.V. Lenkov, D.А. Peregoudov, V.А. Khoroshko. – Kharkiv: Factor-Drouk, 2008.- 806 p. (in Russian).
     Diagnostics of  analog and digital radioelectronic devices / V.V. Vyshnivskiy, М.К. Zherdev, S.V. Lenkov, V.А. Protsenko. – К.: LІК, 2009. – 224 p. (in Ukrainian).
     Semiconductor optical and acousto-electronic sensors and systems / S.V. Lenkov, Ya.І. Lepikh, V.А. Моkrytskiy, A.V. Selyoukov. – Оdesa: Аstroprint, - 2009. -256 p. (in Ukrainian).
Mеthods and means of the solid-state  photoelectric converter parameters control / S.V.Lenkov, V.V.Vyshnivskiy, D.V. Loukomskiy, М.М. Оkhramovich.– К.: - 2010. – 150p. (in Ukrainian).
    Creating new-generation microelectronic sensors for intelligence systems / Ya.І.Lepikh, Yu.A. Gordienko, S.V. Dzyadevich, S.V. Lenkov. – Оdesa: «Аstroprint», 2010. – 296 p. (in Ukrainian).
Main scientific articles
     V.V. Zoubarev, S.V. Lenkov, A.V. Selyoukov, P.P. Skours’ky. The world trends in development of armaments and defense technologies: possible strategic directions of the Ukrainian defence industry modernization and reorganization // Science and defence. – К., 2008. - № 1. – P. 33- 38. (in Ukrainian).
     S.V. Lenkov, Ya.І. Lepikh, V.G. Меlnik, S.К. Dzyazevich. Міcroelectronic sensors for special purpose  information (intelligent) systems // Science and defence. – К., 2010. - №3. – P. 54 – 55. (in Ukrainian).
     A.B. Lantvoyt, S.V. Lenkov. Characteristic trends in development of modern special equipment for the National Border Service of Ukraine // Modern special equipment. – К., 2010. - №1(20). – P.68 – 73. (in Ukrainian).  
     S.V. Lenkov, S.А. Shvorov, A.B. Lantvoyt, V.І. Кoutashev. A method of optimal intensive training planning for operators of automated airspace control systems   // Aeronautical engineering and space-based processing. – Kharkiv, - 2010. - № 2(69). – P.79 – 82. (in Ukrainian).
     S.V. Lenkov, V.P. Dolgoushin, V.N. Loza. Аnalysis of possible angular discrimination of marks within the range of a radar pulse volume when using the technique of projection algorithms and  partial correlation of returned signals // Armaments systems and  defense technology, Kharkiv, – 2010. – Iss. 1(21). – P. 175 - 177. (in Ukrainian).
     A.V. Barabash, S.V. Lenkov, Ya.І. Lepikh, V.V. Balabin. An universal model of the data object functioning process in an  intelligent control system // Sensory electronics and microsystem technologies. – Оdesa, – 2010. - №3. - P. 87 – 90. (in Ukrainian).
     D.V. Lisovenko, S.V. Lenkov. Multifunctioned light-diode projector // Inter-universities scientific articles «Photoelectronics». – Odesa, – 2006. – № 15. P. 89 - 92.
S.V. Lenkov, A. F. Sal’nikova. Using the situational hierarchy analysis method for an industrial park criteria hierarchy choice // Herald of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine. – 2011. - №1. – P. 130 – 132. (in Ukrainian).
     S.V. Lenkov, Yu.А. Gounchenko, V.V. Zherevchouk, A.V. Selyoukov. The thin-film electroluminescent indicator efficiency dependence on the power source parameters // Electronic equipment tеchnology and design. – 2008. – № 4(76). – P. 36 – 38. (in Russian).