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  • Title

    Synthesis of biodegradable L-lactide/glycolide copolymer

  • Authors

    Gaydarzhi Ivan I.
    Ustuyanova Alla M.
    Kunshenko Boris V.

  • Subject


  • Year 2014
    Issue 1(43)
    UDC [547-313+547.421/.424]-036.7.057
    DOI 10.15276/opu.1.43.2014.39
    Pages 230-235
  • Abstract

    Biodegradable polymers are used in the manufacture of packaging materials, medicine, pharmaceutics and other industries. The aim of the work is to study the influence of process parameters of synthesis of lactide and glycolide upon the product yield, and to investigate the structure of their copolymer. The results can be used to produce a copolymer of lactide and glycolide in vitro. We used the gravimetric analysis, as well as 1H NMR spectroscopy methods. In this paper the synthesis of lactide and glycolide is described, and the conditions are listed under which the maximum yield is achieved in synthesizing lactide from lactic acid; the process of copolymerization of lactide and glycolide is described as well. For the copolymer analysis the 1H NMR spectroscopy method is proposed. The result of the work is the  method for preparing a biodegradable copolymer, polylactide-glycolide with a high yield obtained by reducing the gumming of the reaction mixture and the choice of the optimal parameters of the process.

  • Keywords glycolide, L-lactide, ring-opening polymerization, biodegradable polymers
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  • References

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  • Creative Commons License by Author(s)