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  • Title

    The usage of separate cycle for studying the continuous movement of wheeled engine vehicle

  • Authors

    Petrov Leonid M.

  • Subject


  • Year 2014
    Issue 1(43)
    UDC 629.3.032 + 629.3.028
    DOI 10.15276/opu.1.43.2014.13
    Pages 74-77
  • Abstract

    This paper considers the solution of the problem of energy transfer from compressed area of tire to the stretched area of the deformed tire of rolling wheel with its subsequent transformation into a tangential of traction of technological process of moving the vehicle. Using mathematical analysis the results for energy assessment of the opportunities of rolling wheel engine are obtained. The aim of the research is to develop energy models for rolling wheel engine. Scientific research problem is to identify the proportion of useful work and its impact on the movement of the vehicle. The questions of the transformation of the deformed tire in the wheel bearing job engine can be used to assess the movement of the vehicle. Mathematical dependences for gradually liberated system describing the rolling wheel engine on the supporting surface and carry out the work of deformation elements tires against the resistance can be used in the calculation of quality indicators of wheel drivers.

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