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Zinchenko Victor Fedoseyevich


Victor Fedoseyevich Zinchenko, D.Sc. (chemistry), professor, is a Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and engineering (2008).

His main research interests lie in the field of inorganic chemistry. V.F. Zinchenko has published above 400 research papers including 20 manuals, as well as above 30 author’s sertificates and patents.

Among his pupils there are 3 Doctors of Philosophy (chemistry).


1. Zinchenko V.F., Fedorova G.V. The methodological instructions “Exercises and tasks in radiochemistry and radiation chemistry” for practical studies in the special courses “Radiochemistry” and “Radiation chemistry”, Оdesa: ОSМІ.- 2000.- 40 p.

2. Zinchenko V.F. Scientific fundamentals of forecasting and creating film-forming materials for interference optics // Оptical Journal.- 2006.- Vol. 73, №12.- P. 72-77.

3. Таrasenko S.А. Study of the lead and copper ions sorption on the examples of synthetic apatites obtained by the thermic melting method / S.А. Таrasenko, V.F. Zinchenko, I.V. Stoyanova // Journal of Applied Chemistry.–2007.– Vol. 80, Iss. 3.– P. 374-377.

4. Тimukhin E.V. Interaction, composition and optical properties of the MgF2 (MgO)-EuF3 system phases / E.V. Тimukhin, V.F. Zinchenko, A.G. Еryomin // Journal of Inorganic Chemistry.– 2007.–Vol. 52, №6.– P. 999-1004.

5. Ionometric determination of fluorine in sparingly soluble functional materials on the basis of rare-earth element fluorides, after its opening by the complexing agents / N.А. Chiviryova, A.А. Sakharova, V.F. Zinchenko // Ukrainian Chemical Journal. — 2010.

6. Determination of multivalent component forms in sulfides and sulfofluorides of lanthanides using the relation between the contents of total sulfur and total reducing materials / N.А. Chiviryova, N.N. Golik, V.F. Zinchenko // Ukrainian Chemical Journal. — 2005. — 71, N 1-2. — P. 67-70.

7. Structural features of calcium apatites synthesized in a salt melt / V.F. Zinchenko, S.А. Таrasenko, А.V. Nechiporenko // Ukrainian Chemical Journal. — 2009. — 75, N 7/8. — P. 100-104.