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Vasiliev Stanislav N.


Born in 1946 in the Chistiakovo tow of the Donetsk region.

After graduation with golden medal in 1964 from the secondary school in Kazan city, entered to the A.N. Tupolev Kazan Institute of Aviation, Faculty of Radioengineering.

In 1970, having graduated with honors from the KIA in the specialty of Electronic computing equipment, obtained his first scientific employment at the KIA Department of cybernetics.

1972-1975- Ph.D. studies in the field “Technical cybernetics and theory of information” after that has been invited on the payroll of the USSR Academy of Sciences Siberian Branch’ Siberian Power Engineering Institute (SPeI), Department of Systems theory and cybernetics (Department Head and SPeI Deputy Director Dr. Phys.-Math., USSR Aacademy of Sciences Academiian V.M. Matrosov); in 1980 the mentioned department has been restructured into the USSR AS Siberian Branch’ Computing center in Irkutsk city (director V.M. Matrosov).

For that date S.N.Vasiliev hold the position of  Laboratory Chief, after that his career stages included; scientific Department head (1986-1989), Deputy Director for Scientific Researches (1989-1991), Director (1991-200); in 1997 the  Irkutsk Computing Center of the Academy of Sciences Siberian Branch was restructured into the Institute of Systems’ Dynamics and Control Theory of  the same affiliation.

Beginning from 2006 up to present date Prof. S.N.Vasiliev holds position of the Russia Academy of Sciences’ V.A.Trapeznikov Institute of Control Problematics Director.

His Ph.D. and Dr.Sc. researches in Phys-Math.domain have been investigating the special fields “Mathematical cybernetics” and “Systems analysis and automated control”.

Concurrently to the scientific activity Prof. S.N. Vasiliev effects the lecturer one and scientific supervision of young researches training at (in order of experience): Kazan Institute of Aviation, Irkutsk State University, Irkutsk Polytechnic Institute, Buryatia State University, Moscow Physical Engineering Institute, M.V. L0monosov Moscow State University.

He effected the scientific supervision of 21 dissertation preparing (that including 7 qualified for Dr. Sc. level).

Dr. Phys.-Math. Professor S.N.Vasiliev has national awards and governmental decorations of merits, titles of:  Honored worker of Science of the Buryatia Republic, Honored  Academician of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences, Academician of the Russia Academy of Sciences, he is a winner of the Governmental Prize for Science and Technology.


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