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Strizhalo Vladimir A.


Born on 09.10.1940 in Luts’k, Volyn’ region.

Graduated from the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute  (1962).

In 1962-1963 employed at the position of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Department of Materials Strength Assistant professor;

1963-1966 – Ph.D. studies at the Ukraine Institute of Metal Ceramics and Special-Purpose Alloys  of the Ukraine Academy of Sciences (from 1964 known as the UAS’ Institute of Materials Science).

Beginning from 1966 is employed by the G.S.Pisarenko Institute for Problems of Strength of the Ukraine National Academy of Sciences consecutively at the positions: junior staff scientist (1966-1969), senior staff scientist (1969-1977), Chief of the Materials and structural elements  under cryogenic temperatures Department (from 1977), Deputy Director of the Institute for scientific work (1988-1999). Beginning from 1979 as the Professor of the National Technical University “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” gives lectures in “Experimental methods of the distorted solid body mechanics”.

Prof. V.A. Strizhalo is the author of more that 300 scientific  publications (monographs, reference books, scientific articles et). Essential part of those works considers the problematic fields of: short-cycle fatigue, materials’ cyclic creeping and strength under extreme temperatures condition (from 4,2 to 2000 К) and those conditions’  boundary state criteria and longevity estimation methods development.

V.A. Strizhalo is the  deputy Chief Editor of the International scientific-and-technological edition «Durability problems» and the member of Edіtorial Board of “Technical diagnostics and non-destructive control”  edition.

Dr.Eng.(1979), Professor (1984), Ukraine National Academy of Sciences Corresponding Member  (2003), winner of the State Prize of Ukraine Soviet Socialist Republic (1990) and the State Prize of Ukraine (1997), winner of the Ukraine Academy of Sciences Prize  named after . О.М.Dynnyk  (1988).

Under the scientific supervision of Prof. V..О.Strizhalo  the 15 Ph.D. and 5 Dr.Sc. dissertations  have been successively prepared.


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2.    Strizhalo V.А., Novogrudsky L.S. Fracture strength of constructional alloys under cryogenic temperatures // Materials distortion and destruction: Col.vol. of the 1st International Conference. - І vol. – Мoscow: IMET (A.A. Baikov  Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science), 2006. – pp.293-296. (in Russian)

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4.    Studying the destruction of glass, sitalls and their nano-compositions using methods of acoustic emission / V.А. Strizhalo, Yu.V. Dobrovo’sky, М.P. Zemtsov, V.P. Маslov et al. // Durability problems. - 2007. - № 1. - pp.94-99. (in Russian)

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7.    Strizhalo V.А., Novogrudsky L.S.  Vorobiov Е.V. Materials strength at cryogenic temperatures with consideration to the electromagnetic fields influence . – Кiev.: IPP (G.S.Pisarenko Institute for Problems of Strength of the Ukraine National Academy of Sciences), 2008. – p.504. (in Russian)

8.    Stasiuk S.Z., Strizhalo V.О. Reliable operation of hydrogenization processes’ technological equipment pipelines at the Ukrainian petroleum- and petrochemical industry plants  / // Problems of structures, erections and machinery operational safety and longevity. – Кiev.: IEZ (E.O.Paton Electrical Welding Institute of the Ukraine National Academy of Sciences, 2009. – pp.375-382. (in Ukrainian)

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10.    Griaznov B.А., Strizhalo V.А. Materials and structures fatigue. Historical overview of fatigue testing methods development in USSR and in Ukraine: preprinted. – Кiev.: IPP (G.S.Pisarenko Institute for Problems of Strength of the Ukraine National Academy of Sciences), 2009. – 45 p. (in Russian)

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