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Slisenko Vasily I.


Dr.Phys.-Math., Prof. Vasily I. Slisenko – Chief of the Researched nuclear reactor Department of the Nuclear Researches Institute of the Ukraine National Academy of Sciences, corresponding member of the Ukraine National Academy of Sciences in the “Nuclear engineering”, Doctor of Phys.-Maths Sci..

Born on 23.06.1951, author of 190 scientific publications in the field.

Employed by NRI of Ukraine National Academy of Sciences, field of scientific interests: neutron physics and nuclear engineering.

Obtained the fundamental scientific results in neutron spectroscopy of the condensed-state matter, elaborated and further developed the neutron methods of researching the wide class of matters from fluids up to solid body improving the elaborated  approaches to the neutrino data interpretation for revealing the links of processes taking place at the matter’s microlevel with those systems’ macroscopic properties.

Actively engaged into the problematic field of nuclear and radiation safety of the researched nuclear reactor WWR-М operation, its control and safety systems, treatment of the exhaust nuclear fuel and radioactive waste, cleansing of the fluid radioactive wastes.




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