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Neklyudov Ivan Matveevich


Ivan Matveevich  Neklyudov is a scientist in the field of materials strength and plasticity physics, radiation physics and solid-state physics. He has been an academician of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Ukraine since 2004, the title of «Honoured Science and Engineering Worker of Ukraine» – since 1998.  Also he is an honorary academician of the Academy of Engineering Sciences (Russia), the  Academy of Applied Electronics Sciences (Russia),  the Peter’s Academy of Sciences  and Arts (Russia).

I.M. Neklyudov was born on February 10, 1935. He has graduated from the Kharkiv State Education Institute, the department of physics and mathematics.  Since 1959, all his career development has been connected to the Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology.  There he held the positions of junior research fellow, department head, and director of the Institute of Solid-State Physics, Materials Science and Technologies, the National Science Centre  (NSС)  “Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology” (KIPT). Presently Ivan Matveevich is the academician-secretary of the department of Nuclear Physics and Energetics, the NAS of Ukraine, and Director General of the NSС KIPT.  

The early years of  his scientific activity at the KIPT were devoted to investigations of the physical nature of the crystalline material program-strengthening and discovering the ways to use this method of strengthening in different areas of engineering. The results of these investigations had been used in his  Ph.D. dissertation, and were described in his monograph  “The program-strengthening physics”  (with I. А . Gindin).

Having defenced his D.Sc. dissertation in 1975,  he was appointed Head of the Radiation Phenomena Physics and Radiative Study of Materials Division.  During those years, his team of researchers studied the radiation resistance of fast reactor constructional materials.

In cooperation with his team, as well as with NAS academician V. F. Zelensky, Ivan Matveevich  has made an outstanding contribution to investigations of radiation phenomena physical mechanisms, creating scientific and technical principles of express safe prediction of steels and alloys behaviour in the nuclear or thermonuclear reactor active core using accelerators and mathematical modelling.   

The scientific results of I.M. Neklyudov have been published in many monographs, reviews, and science-technology developments including new technologies of producing radiation-resistant steels, creation of laminar composites using hot vacuum rolling, developing special lean alloys on the basis of copper designed for the conditions of  thermonuclear reactors and accelerator installations, and production of alloys with a high content of neutron-absorbing elements designed for  regulation and protection systems of nuclear reactors, as well as for special nuclear waste containers.  He is the author of more than 600 printed articles,  16 monographs, and 50 author's certificates and patents.  Among his pupils there are 28 Doctors of Philosophy and 5 Doctors of  Science.


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