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Mokritsky V. A.


Dr.Eng., Professor at the Odessa National Polytechnic University Department of “Information technologies of electronics and telecommunications’ designing”,

Academician of the International Academy of Informatisation, International Academy of higher engineering education, the Ukraine Academy of Communications

Born on 09.06.1937 in Zhytomir city.

In 1961 graduated from the Odessa Polytechnic Institute in the specialty «Аutomation and telemechanics», after that has been invited for further employment as teaching staff member at OPI ”Semiconductors materials” Department. Years running the professional career lead him to the position of  Prof., Head of the “Microelectronics” Department.  His functional duties included also the positions of deputy dean for science of Radioengineering and Physical engineering faculties, dean of the Automation and telemechanics faculty, Vice-Rector for Scientific activity.

Ph.D. thesis (OPI, 1970)  in the “Liquid-phase epitaxy of А3В5 compounds and semiconductors equipment on their base”  field.

The Doctor Sc. thesis in the topic «Development of new methods and technologies of semiconductor compositions for opto- and microelectronics applications» has been defended in 1982 at the G.V. Plekhanov Leningrad Institute of Mining. 

Developing the scientific elaborations of such  well-known scientists in the field as Prof. Rvachev A.L. and Prof. Kuznetsov V.I.  created the scientific school «Problems of new materials for opto- and microelectronics applications  creating and their properties’ control». That school includes supervision of Ph.D. students’ training in the special field 05.27.01 – Solid body electronics. During that period 22 Ph.D. theses on relevant scientific area were successfully defended under the supervision of Prof. Mokritsky.

List of published works includes more than 200 scientific researcher and scientific methodical publications, that including  15 monographs, 2 manuals, 6 manual references, 9 Author’s Inventory Certificates.



1) Monograph «Phase equilibrium at multicomponent systems calculation», 1987 (in Russian).; 

2) Manual «Physical and technological bases of microelectronics”, 2002 (in Ukrainian);

3) «Physical and technological principles of semiconductors’ radiation technology», 2002 (in Russian);

4) «Radiation-involving control of opto- and microelectronics’ materials and items  properties», 2003 (in Russian);

5) «Functional materials’ defects influencing the electronics reliability”, 2003 (in Ukrainian).

6) Beginning from  2005 to the present date there appeared the new monographs:

7) Lenkov S.V. Оptoelectronics of IR-band: materials, devices, systems / S.V. Lenkov, О.І. Lykov, V.А. Моkritsky, V.V. Zubarev. – Оdessa: Poligraph, 2005. – 356 p. (in Ukrainian)

8) Vydolob V.V.. Lasers at semiconductros’ metrology / V.V.Vydolob, О.S.         Garkavenko, S.V.Lenkov, V.А. Моkritsky.  – Оdessa: Poligraph,  2006 – 270 p. (in Ukrainian)

9) Garkavenko O.S.. Seminductros-based lasers with electronic pumping. Vol.1. Mechanism of generation, radation properties  / О.S.   Garkavenko, S.V.Lenkov, V.А. Моkritsky, О.S. Pashkov. – Оdessa: Poligraph, 2006.– 434 p. (in Ukrainian)

10) Garkavenko O.S.. Seminductros-based lasers with electronic pumping. Vol. 2.Аctive  environments. Devices development. / О.S.Garkavenko, S.V.Lenkov, V.А. Моkritsky V.V.Vydolob. – Оdessa: Poligraph 2006. – 392 p. (in Ukrainian)

11) Lenkov S.V. Semiconductors-baed, acoustical electronics- and optical sensors and systems. / S.V.Lenkov, Ya.I.Lepikh, V.A. Mokritsky, O.V.Seliukov, V.A. Smyntyna  – Оdessa: ”Аstroprint”, 2009. – 274 p. (in Ukrainian)