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Kuntsevich Vsevolod Mikhailovich


Vsevolod Mikhailovich Кuntsevich is a famous scientist in the field of control systems theory and practice. He has been an academician of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Ukraine since 1992. V. M. Кuntsevich has obtained the title of “Honoured Science and Engineering Worker of Ukraine”. Also he obtained the State Prize of the Soviet Union in 1979, and the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and engineering in 1991, 2000.

In 1996-2007: Director of the Space Exploration Institute, the NAS of Ukraine and the National Space Agency (NSA) of Ukraine. He has been Chief Editor of the journal “Problems of Control and Informatics” since 1994.

V. M. Кuntsevich was born on March 15, 1929. He graduated from the Kiyiv Polytechnic Institute in 1952. In 1957 he became a post-graduate student at the Institute of Electrical Engineering, the Academy of Sciences of the Ukr. SSR, where, having obtained his Ph. D., he worked as Junior Research Fellow and Senior Research Fellow at the laboratory of automatic control of production processes. During those years, V. M. Кuntsevich studied the extremal system theory and application problems which had recently arisen in the general control theory.

In 1973–1978 Vsevolod Mikhailovich studied the problem of control system synthesis using the Lyapunov function apparatus. It was during this period that he investigated and solved the problem of optimal control system synthesis for a wide range of nonlinear objects.

V. M. Кuntsevich and his pupils have developed a new approach to creating adaptive control systems based on the parametric identification task solution methods which give guaranteed estimates, as well as based on the new optimal control task solution algorithms under uncertain conditions.

Since 1986, Vsevolod Mikhailovich has given his main consideration to a new problem in the control theory known as robustness, and, having studied this problem, he has obtained several essential results in the field of robust stability. He has headed several projects connected to developing automatic control systems which have been implemented in the aircraft industry, as well as connected to developing industril control for the oil-refining industry.

In 1995 V. M. Кuntsevich became a Deputy Director of the Institute of Cybernetics named after V. М. Glushkov, the NAS of Ukraine. In 1996 he headed the recreated Space Exploration Institute, the NAS of Ukraine and the NSA of Ukraine. Serving as Director for this Institute, Vsevolod Mikhailovich applied his skills to making the Institute a leading national organization in the area of space science, developing fundamental and applied studies according to the general directions of the National Space Program of Ukraine. Also V. M. Кuntsevich pays great attention to base problems connected to future experiments on board of the Ukrainian research module of the International Space Station.

He is the author of more than 250 scientific works including 8 monographs. In Ukraine, V. M. Кuntsevich has created a scientific school in the field of discrete control systems. Among his pupils there are more than 30 Doctors of Philosophy and 11 Doctors of Science. He lectured on control theory for over 25 years at the Kiyiv Polytechnic Institute.


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