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Klyuchnikov Aleksander Aleksandrovich


Aleksander Aleksandrovich  Klyuchnikov, D.Sc. (engineering), professor, academician of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Ukraine, is a noted Ukrainian scientist in the field of nuclear physics and nuclear power engineering. A.A. Klyuchnikov has been decorated with the Orders  “For Deserts” (second and third degrees) and “Symbol of Honour”. For his exceptional services to Ukraine, he has been given the Letters of Commendation of the Supreme Soviets of the Ukrainian SSR and Ukraine. 

He has obtained the State Prizes of the Ukrainian SSR and Ukraine in the field of science and engineering, as well as the titles of “Honoured Science and Engineering Worker of Ukraine” and  “Honorary powerman of Ukraine”.   

A.A. Klyuchnikov was born on February 10, 1945 in Kiyiv. He has graduated from the physical faculty of the Kiyiv State University named after Т. Shevchenko (engineer-physicist). 

A.A. Klyuchnikov became Director General of the Interindustry R&D Centre ”Ukryttia” (“Shelter”),  the NAS of Ukraine  in 1996.  In 2004  he founded and headed the unique Institute for Safety Problems of Nuclear Power Plants, the NAS of Ukraine through reorganization of the R&D Centre ”Ukryttia”.  

His main research areas are: safety and efficiency of NPPs operation; technologies for disposal of radioactive waste; development and implementation of NPP decommissioning technologies; studies of the “Ukryttia” facility and scientific backup to works towards its transformation into an environmentally safe system; investigating and forecasting the properties of substances and state of materials containing nuclear fuel; dealing with technological, medico-biological and radiological challenges related to transforming the “Ukryttia” facility into an environmentally safe system; designing facilities and equipment for radioactive waste management, including storages for radioactive waste disposal; transportation of nuclear materials and radioactive substances.

A.A. Klyuchnikov’s team has developed and implemented more than 100 unique devices.

His principal achievements and developments are: 

– For the first time ever, the modifications of residual nuclear fuel remaining in the “Ukryttia” facility have been determined and a comprehensive study of lava-like fuel-containing materials has been carried out.

–  A scenario has been developed to describe the accident behaviour of Unit 4 of the Chornobyl NPP in 1986.

– A signal control system that monitors the state of built-up fuel-containing materials within the “Ukryttia” facility has been developed, produced and put into routine operation at the Chornobyl NPP.

– A mobile device for treatment of liquid radioactive waste has been developed and commissioned at the Chornobyl NPP.

–  The international project  “Stabilization measures” has been completed at the “Ukryttia” facility.

–  Analog and digital reactimeters have been developed and put into operation; a software for calculating the reactor capacity, period and reactivity has been developed and implemented.

– A software&hardware complex to provide continuous control of steam-generator leaks at the Khmelnytska NPP has been developed.

– Based on the infrared diagnostics approach, a draft proposal on checking the state of NPP core electrical equipment has been prepared.

A.A. Klyuchnikov is the author of more than 320 publications including 26 monographs, and 34 author's certificates and patents. 8 monographs have been included in the series “Safety of Nuclear Power Plants” which is usually in high demand, especially among specialists working at nuclear power plants, students and post-graduate students, as well as among  research fellows.


At last, A.A. Klyuchnikov works hard as an educator. He is a Bureau Member of the Branch of Physical and Technical Problems of Power Engineering, the NAS of Ukraine, as well as a professor at the National Technical University of Ukraine “КPІ”.  


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