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Grinchenko Victor Timofeevich


Victor Timofeevich Grinchenko, Division Head, was born in Poltava city in 1937.  He graduated from the Kiyiv State University named after Taras Shevchenko, the department of mechanics and mathematics  in 1959.  V.T. Grinchenko obtained his  Ph.D. (engineering) in 1963, D.Sc. (engineering) – in 1973. Since 1980  he has been a professor at the chair of acoustics and acoustoelectronics.

He started his scientific activity in the Institute of Mechanics, National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Ukraine, where he worked under the direction of А. D. Коvalenko, an academician of the NAS of Ukraine. He has been working in the Institute of Hydromechanics,  NAS of Ukraine since 1981.

The main scientific activity areas of V.T. Grinchenko are: 

1. Study of stressed state of shell structures  and space elastic bodies for static and dynamic loading.

2. Studying  advance of waves in passive and piezoactive elastic bodies, and the natural modes and natural frequency spectra formation features for elastic bodies.

3. Developing the boundary problem solution analytical methods for the elasticity theory equations  and wave equations  in non-canonical areas.

4. Analysis of  the acoustic radiation processes for bodies oscillating in a liquid, taking into account  elasto-water and acoustic interactions.

5. Studying  oscillation of elastic bodies under influence of pressure pulsations in a slip flow.

6. Investigation of the breathing sound generation laws.

V.T. Grinchenko is the author of 6 monographs and more than 200 scientific articles.


1. Grinchenko V.Т. Foundations of acoustics: manual / V.Т. Grinchenko, I. V. Vovk, V.Т. Маtcipoura. – Кiyiv: Naukova dumka, 2007. – 640 p.(in Russian)

2. Vovk I. V., Grinchenko V.Т. / Sound born by flow // (Sketch  about aerohydrodynamical acoustics). – Кiyiv: Naukova dumka, 2010. –221 p. (in Russian)