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Basok Boris Ivanovich


Corresponding member of the Ukraine National Academy of Sciences

Born on 12 May 1956.

In 1978 graduated from Kyiv State University (presently known as T.Shevchenko National University) Faculty of Physics; having in 1982 completed the full Ph.D. studies of the mentioned University.

Beginning from  1982 up to present date is employed by the Ukraine National Academy of Sciences Institute of Applied Thermal Physics, consecutively at the positions of: senior engineer, Deputy Director for Innovative activity (1993), Deputy Director for Scientific activity (1996) and the Head of Power Saving Thermal Engineering Technologies’ Thermal Physics Bases Department (beginning from 2003). In 1993 completed the full cycle of the International Institute of Management „МІМ-Кyiv” and the Academy of Management in Celle, Germany.

Ph.D. in Phys.-Math. (1985), Dr. Eng. (1998), Corresponding member of the Ukraine National Academy of Sciences (2006). Master in Business Administration (1993). Winner of the Ukraine State Prize in the field of Science and Engineering (1997).

Domain of scientific interests: theoretical and experimental studies of non-stationary heat-mass-exchange and hydrodynamics processes at heterogenous fluid environemnts. Effected series of fundamental researches in discrete-pulse energy introduction and transformation at dispersion fluides’ systems as an efficient method of heat-mass exchange intensifying; on the base of those investigations  the author suggested the thermal physics principles of  energy saving processes’ implementation at thermal engineering applied at different industrial branches. In particular those researches referred to investigation into general systematic problems of heat power engineering and efficient power use, including the research of heat- and electrical power generation cogeneration processes, processes of heat  accumulation by ground and heat takeoff through auxiliary of heat pumpung technologies, buildings and erections thermal renovation, bioenergy resources application and researches of the climatic environment changes.

    Author of more that ***** scientific publications, that including ****** monographs and  *** Author’s Patents and Inventory Certificates.

    In 2005 Prof. B.I. Basok has been awarded the Ukraine Supreme Council’s Certificate of Merits and in 2007 has been conferred the Ukraine National Academy of Sciences’ Award “Distinctive Merits in Professional Field”.

    Prof. B.I. Basok is a Vice-President of the “Applied thermal physics’ Institute” technological park, he is the deputy chief editor of “Industrial heat power engineering” periodical, the deputy chief editor of “Ceramics” magazine, the Vice-President of the “Power saving and environment ecology at the fuel-and-power engineering industrial complex” committee behind the Ukraine Ministry of Fuel and Energy Resources, the member of Power consumption efficiency Committee of the Ukraine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, member of Experts Board (Power engineering), member of Experts Board (Metals), Vice-President of  the Experts Board in power engineering ??????? of the Ukraine Supreme Attestation Committee.


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