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Andronati Sergiy Аndriyovich


Sergiy Аndriyovich Аndronati is a scientist in the field of  bioorganic and pharmaceutical chemistry, academician of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Ukraine (since 1988). He has obtained the State Prizes of the Ukrainian SSR (1981) and the USSR (1980) in the field of science and engineering. In  1990 he obtained the title of “Honoured Science and Engineering Worker of Ukraine”.
S. А. Аndronati was born on September 19, 1940 in Odessa city. In  1964 he graduated with honours from the chemical faculty of the Odessa State University (OSU) named after І.І. Меchnikov. He obtained his Ph.D. (chemistry) and D.Sc. (chemistry) from the OSU in 1970 and 1976, correspondingly.  Since 1972, all S. А. Аndronati’s labor activity has been connected to the A. V. Bogatsky Physico-Chemical Institute of the NAS of Ukraine (formerly known as the Physico-Chemical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the  Ukrainian SSR). There he worked as Senior Research Fellow, Division Head, Deputy Director for scientific issues. S. А. Аndronati has been Director of the V. Bogatsky Physico-Chemical Institute since 1984.
In addition, Sergiy Аndriyovich is a  Presidium Member of the NAS of Ukraine, Head of the Southern Science Center under NAS and MES of Ukraine and Head of the Coordinating Board of the Department of Chemistry of NAS for the problem of  “Scientific foundations for creating drugs”.  Since 1998, he has been Head of the chair of pharmaceutical chemistry at the OSU and Head of the Chemical-Pharmaceutical and Educational-Scientific Production Complex under NAS and MES of Ukraine.
The main research area of  S. А. Аndronati is bioorganic and clinical chemistry including development of methods for synthesizing bioactive compounds and determining their structures, conformations, chemical, physical, physicochemical and pharmacologic properties, as well as determining molecular mechanisms of action, the relationship “structure–mechanism of action–activity”, and, at last,  molecular design and synthesis of  potentially bioactive compounds.


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