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Gogunsky Victor Dmitriyevich


Victor Dmitriyevich Gogunsky has been working in the Odessa National Polytechnic University (ONPU) since 1969. He obtained his Ph. D (engineering) in 1975 and his D. Sc. in 1991. Since 1991 V. D. Gogunsky has been Head of the chair of life activity safety systems management, ONPU. The title of professor – since 1993.

V. D. Gogunsky combines successfully his teaching and scientific activities. He took part in several investigations creating new scientific areas of adopting new information technologies in the national economy of Ukraine. He has worked out and implemented a resource Management Information System (MIS) at the Kremenchug knitting factory.

Also he has implemented a computer-driven system for steelmakers teaching and training at the Dniprodzerzhinsk steel works. V. D. Gogunsky has developed a MIS for the street traffic light system of Odessa. He took part in the substantiation study and implementation of the ecological rebalancing project for the ecological disaster area in the Louzanivs’kiy microdistrict, Odessa city.

V. D. Gogunsky has published more than 400 scientific and methodological works. Among his pupils there are 10 Doctors of Philosophy (eng.) and 4 Doctors of  Science (eng.).  He has been given the title of “Honoured Science and Engineering Worker of Ukraine” and the sign of “High Achiever in Education of Ukraine” for his personal valuable contribution to highly skilled  specialists training, and development and implementation of scientific investigations.



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