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  • Title

    Pollution of the natural environment of the Republic of Armenia and estimation of its ecological safety.

  • Authors

    Boynagryan V. R.

  • Subject


  • Year 2013
    Issue 2(41)
    UDC 504.75
    Pages 184-188
  • Abstract

    Main sources of pollution of the natural environment of the Republic of Armenia: Ararat and Hrazdan cement factories, Ararat extraction gold factory, Zangezur copper-molybdate combine, Alaverdy mining-metallurgical combine, various tailing dumps and dumps of mine workings, Nubarashen dump of refuse at the outskirts of Yerevan and others. Quantitative data of pollution of river waters and water of the Lake Sevan by heavy metals, poisonous chemicals, etc. are adduced. Introduction of severe punitive measures in respect to pollutants of the nature, arranging of circular collector around the Lake Sevan, installation of qualitative filters on discharge stacks of corresponding industrial establishments are proposed.

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  • References

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