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  • Title

    Application of logistics in the field of optimization the flows in urban areas

  • Authors

    Jonkis A.

  • Subject


  • Year 2011
    Issue 1(35)
    UDC 658.7
    Pages 296-301
  • Abstract

    The role of logistics in the field of controlling the people and cargo flows in the city is presented. The tools that can improve these flows, and discusses different conceptions, including the conception of multimodal transport based on multimodal urban travel are described. In respect of the goods flows, there have been presented the cargo delivery systems including Urban Terminals and Urban Distribution Centers, and also the tool regarding the active management of vehicle traffic based on telematics solutions. The role of logistics integration with reference to the creation of the Mobility Centers, upon initiative of involved sites, the local authorities and economical subjects leading their business activity directly in the city, or related to this area is emphasired.

  • Keywords
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  • References

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  • Creative Commons License by Author(s)