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  • Title

    The study of pressure fluctuations in the pressure line of the pump and of the efficiency of the vibration absorbers

  • Authors

    Korolyov Alexander V.
    Zhou Huiyu

  • Subject


  • Year 2016
    Issue 3(50)
    UDC [621.65:534.122]:62-752
    DOI 10.15276/opu.3.50.2016.08
    Pages 41-46
  • Abstract

    The article presents the results of experimental studies of pressure fluctuations in the pipes of piston pumps. The relevance of these studies is due to the need to reduce the pressure fluctuations that create a positive displacement pumps, due to their negative impact not only on the reliability of the pump, but the accuracy of flow measurement and pressure of the medium supplied to such pumps. Aim: The aim of this study was to investigate the hydraulic characteristics of pulsating flows in pressure lines piston pumps of liquefied gas, as well as the study of the effectiveness of the dampers of pressure pulsations and conformity of their parameters to the calculation. Materials and Methods: As a drive used the piston pumps − single-line and trilinear. In the tests recorded pressure fluctuations in the pressure line. For this purpose the low-inertia pressure sensors 15.0 MPa working complete with strain test station, which allows registering the pressure fluctuations at frequencies up to 10 kHz. Strain test station output signal fed to the input of the oscilloscope operating in memory mode. In all tests the pressure sensor is mounted at three points - after the piston group on the pressure line before the damping device and after it. In the experiment, three different damper was used - two new, designed by the author's method and one regular damper, which are equipped with serial piston pumps. Dampers installed vertically, the flow entering to the lower cap, and an output through the side surface. Results: The experimental results confirmed the general position of the greater efficiency of complex composite filters and the correctness of chosen method of their calculation, proposed earlier by the authors. In particular, the actual level of weakening of pressure fluctuations on developed damper with a high degree coincided with the calculated results.

  • Keywords piston pump, damper, pressure fluctuations
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