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  • Title

    Structural properties of nanocrystalline TiN films.

  • Authors

    Ahmed Mustaffa Saleem
    Mahmood А. М.
    Salih К. М.

  • Subject


  • Year 2012
    Issue 1(38)
    UDC 539.3
    Pages 31-36
  • Abstract

    The properties of nc-TiN films have been studied using scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction analysis, adhesive bonding, friction, coefficient and wear rate, as dependent upon the bias potential supplied to the substrate and chamber pressure, as well as upon the HF discharge. At is shsan that the aggregate of parameters registered in the process of scratching makes it possible to distinguish between the critical egad threshold values uferring to different types of coherent and adhesive fracture in tribological testing. The nc-TiN nanograins’ dimensions, surface stoichiometry has been determined, as well as the phase and elemental composition, and the films’ surface morphology.

  • Keywords
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