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    Vereshaka S. M.
    Karash Emad Toma

  • Subject


  • Year 2012
    Issue 1(38)
    UDC 539.3
    Pages 24-30
  • Abstract

    The classical anisotropic elasticity theory was used to construct multilayer theory for the calculation of the stress and deformation fields induced in the multilayered composite semicircular curved bar subjected to end forces and end moments by using program MathCAD 14. The radial location and intensity of the open mode de-lamination stress were calculated and were compared with the results obtained from the anisotropic continuum theory and ANSYS method. The multilayer theory gave more accurate prediction of the location and intensity of the open mode delamination stress, and of the offsets, than those calculated from the anisotropic continuum the-ory and practical results were identical with the results of multilayer theory 

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