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  • Title

    Fatigue behavior of aluminum alloys at elevated temperatures

  • Authors

    Ahmed Mustaffa Saleem

  • Subject


  • Year 2011
    Issue 2(36)
    UDC 539.3
    Pages 28-32
  • Abstract

    The fatigue behavior of aluminum alloy at elevated temperature is studied. Fatigue failure is a major failure mode of malfunction where the cyclic load is applied toa machine element. Hence, it is important to know the fatigue behavior of the machine element at elevated temperature, as aluminum alloy is widely used in industry, namely, in aerospace, automobile and miniatures industries etc., because of its non-corrosive properties and light weight. The fatigue behavior of 2024-T4 Aluminum alloy is investigated under ambient as well as elevated temperatures and it is observed that the fatigue strength coefficient of 2024-T4 Aluminum alloy at elevated temperature makes up 1,2...1,4 compared with dry fatigue strength.


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  • References

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