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  • Title

    Mathematical model of complex technical asymmetric system based on numerical-analytical boundary elements method

  • Authors

    Lazareva Dina V.
    Suryaninov Mykola G.

  • Subject


  • Year 2015
    Issue 2(46)
    UDC 004.942:539.3
    DOI 10.15276/opu.2.46.2015.24
    Pages 133-137
  • Abstract

    A new mathematical model of asymmetric support structure frame type is built on the basis of numerical-analytical boundary elements method (BEM). To describe the design scheme used is the graph theory. Building the model taken into account is the effect of frame members restrained torsion, which presence is due to the fact that these elements are thin-walled. The built model represents a real object as a two-axle semi-trailer platform. To implement the BEM algorithm obtained are analytical expressions of the fundamental functions and vector load components. The effected calculations are based on the semi-trailer two different models, using finite elements and boundary elements methods. The analysis showed that the error between the results obtained on the basis of two numerical methods and experimental data is about 4%, that indicates the adequacy of the proposed mathematical model.

  • Keywords

    mathematical model, boundary element method, finite element method, CAD, directed graph, thin-wall bar

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  • Creative Commons License by Author(s)