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  • Title

    Heat transfer optimization of heat exchange surfaces of boiler equipment with decrease in consumption of combustion products.

  • Authors

    Brunetkin Alexander I.

  • Subject


  • Year 2017
    Issue 3(53)
    UDC 662.767+662.614
    DOI 10.15276/opu.3.53.2017.04
    Pages 32-36
  • Abstract

    The possibility of intensifying of heat transfer process with decrease of consumption of combustion products for a given heat release is considered. Such situation can occur when alternative (uncertified) combustible gases are used in boiler equipment designed for methane burning and having certain geometry of the heat exchange surfaces. The evaluation was based on the use of ethylene. It is proposed to compensate the decrease of the combustion products due to the recirculation of flue gases. Two possible points of their supply were considered: in the furnace and to the entrance of the convective heating surfaces. The effectiveness was evaluated and a comparison of these options was made.

  • Keywords uncertified fuel, heat transfer intensification, flue gas recirculation
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  • Creative Commons License by Author(s)