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  • Title

    Fusion reactivity enhancement in D-3He plasma due to 3He additive heating.

  • Authors

    Shyshkin O. A.
    Moskvitina Yu. K.
    Moskvitin A. O.

  • Subject


  • Year 2013
    Issue 3(42)
    UDC 533.933
    Pages 184-189
  • Abstract

    Possible fusion reactivity enhancement due to 3He minor additive ion cyclotron range frequency (ICRF) heating in D-3He toroidal plasma is demonstrated through the exposed present numerical simulations. For this purpose the particle code based on test-particle approach is developed. This code solves guiding center equations for 3He ions in toroidal magnetic field including Coulomb collisions of these ions with the particles of background plasms. A simple Monte Carlo model for ICRF heating is implemented in this code as well. The transformation of 3He distribution function from Maxwellian to non-Maxwellian due to heating plays the key role for reactivity enhancement. The formation of significant energetic tail gives rise to the reactivity enhancement. This is an important issue for the performance of fusion reactors with minority ICRF heating.

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  • References

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